This is the apex policy-making organ of the Commission, corresponding to the Board of Governors/Directors of a company. It is responsible for setting the Commission’s strategic aims in line with its vision and mission statements, providing the leadership to put them into effect, supervising the management of the Commission and reporting to the head of government. The unit is headed by the Chairman and assisted by the four full-time Commissioners, while the Permanent Secretary is the head of Administration and Secretary to the Commission. During the period under review, three Permanent Secretaries changed hands in the Commission as follows:

⦁ Mrs. Ekanem Albert Attah March, 2015 – December, 2016
⦁ Mrs. Jessey David Ekpo December, 2016 – June, 2017
⦁ Mr. Emmanuel E. Essien July, 2017 – October, 2017

In addition to carrying out the corporate governance functions of the Commission, the Commissioners are also directly involved in the supervision of personnel activities of MDAs by sitting as observers/advisers on their various Senior Staff Management Committees. The Commission is also expected to provide inputs to the Governor on the appointment of Permanent Secretaries. Annexure III shows the distribution of Ministerial Responsibilities to the Commissioners.

Three sub-units, namely Legal, Information and the Internal Audit Units report directly to the Chairman and the Policy Unit:

⦁ Legal Unit, headed by a Deputy Director (Legal) who advises the Commission on all legal matters affecting personnel Management functions of the civil service.
⦁ Information Unit, headed by an Information Officer, is responsible for press liaison and all publicity matters involving the Commission.
⦁ Internal Audit, responsible for internal scrutiny and inspection of all financial records and transactions of the Commission.

There are six Directorates in the Commission with the following responsibilities:

⦁ Administration and Supplies: This Directorate is headed by a Director of Administration. The main functions of the Directorate include:
⦁ general administration of the Commission and co-ordinating the activities of the Directorates.
⦁ handling personnel and supply management functions of the Commission.

⦁ Accounts and Finance: This Directorate is headed by a Chief Accountant. Its function is:
⦁ handling all financial and accounting functions of the Commission.
⦁ Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS): This Directorate is headed by an Assistant Chief Statistician. Its main functions are:
⦁ handling all statistical matters and data collection for the Commission.
⦁ liaising with the Ministry of Economic Development on capital estimate matters.
⦁ handling the production of Annual Report of the Commission.
⦁ Recruitment Directorate: This Directorate is headed by a Chief Administrative Officer. Its main functions include:
⦁ handling all recruitment matters of the State Civil Service, including Transfers of Service and Confirmations of Appointments for officers on salary GL.07 and above.

⦁ Promotions Directorate: This Directorate is headed by an Assistant Chief Administrative Officer. Its main functions is:
⦁ handling all promotion matters affecting officers on salary GL.07 and above in the State Civil Service.

⦁ Appeals & Petitions Directorate: The Directorate is headed by a Chief Administrative Officer. Its main function is:
⦁ handling cases of Appeals and Petitions from all categories of civil servants on personnel management matters, including promotion and discipline.